SINGLES BLACK TRAVEL GROUP (SBTG) I helped a large Facebook group brand itself and I designed some t-shirts for their trips. Here is the design for the group’s Vegas trip. I took a picture of a piece of luggage to craft this logo below. More Projects

SK8 City

SK8 CITY SK8 City, a roller rink in Georgia asked me to redesign their skate pass below. This is what I came up with: I also did a flyer for the roller rink. More Projects


WillowLXD Profile Picture

WILLOWLXD I did a lot for WillowLXD. Branding, Social Media Posts, Video, and Web Development. Branding and Color Palette WillowLXD Video Bumper Linkedin Post WillowLXD Services Vyond Video Website More Projects

Noir Beautè Extensions

NOIR BEAUTÈ EXTENSIONS I did flyers for a hair extension company out of New York. Here are some of the flyers. More Projects