SINGLES BLACK TRAVEL GROUP (SBTG) I helped a large Facebook group brand itself and I designed some t-shirts for their trips. Here is the design for the group’s Vegas trip. I took a picture of a piece of luggage to craft this logo below. More Projects


WillowLXD Profile Picture

WILLOWLXD I did a lot for WillowLXD. Branding, Social Media Posts, Video, and Web Development. Branding and Color Palette WillowLXD Video Bumper Linkedin Post WillowLXD Services Vyond Video Website More Projects

Infinite Words Photography

Infinite Words Photography One of my childhood buddies is a photographer and wanted a logo for his business. My thought process for the mark was an infinity symbol mixed with two camera shutters. The mark below is what I cam up with. Here is a look at the application of the logo. More Projects

Sononotes Branding

SONONOTES BRANDING Here is the final logo mark for Sononotes. The logo’s icon is a piece of paper shaped like a sonogram cone. The client loved the logo and is still using it currently.  I created the 1st iteration of the website and all the visuals for the project. I even helped layout the entire […]

Tee’s Uniquely Boutique

Tee’s Uniquely Boutique Branding This branding project was done for Tee’s Uniquely Boutique. My client wanted to brand her business and take her business to the next level. She gave me her ideas on what she liked and her color palette. Below is what she was using as her logo before: Below is what I […]